K9 Services



Electronic Security With mutually agreed rates for:

✔ Closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems

✔ Alarm systems for Residence and Businesses

✔ 24hr in office monitoring of electronic systems

✔ For other security consultations contact our administrations department

Consultations on active duty for

  • Un-armed Security Officer
  • Armed Security Officer
  • Rapid response Units & Debt Collection
  • Body Guard Services
  • Armored Services
  • Canine Protection and Handler
  • Private investigation
  • Functions & Events

You can also check our calendar for hosting events and consultations on rechargeable rates.

Security Camerashome security systems



Electronic security is synonymous with CCTV. Whether it is new installations, upgrade to an existing CCTV infrastructure, or a professional & competent consultation based on a potential installation. Unified Security Group provides a comprehensive service ensuring that you have one contact for the duration of your project. Unified Security Group’s experienced team of dedicated personnel have gained the experience from working in a variety of environments, with specialized applications ranging from medium to large industry sectors.


Acid has (24) hour Central Monitoring Station which, monitors, responds and deploys armed teams island-wide to answer distress signals from our clients. We supply simple CCTV systems to clients as well as high end internet systems which are viewed from our Central Station. We supply Burglar Alarm Systems, Panic systems, Electronic Gates, Intercom and Electronic Doors systems.

We also partner with Jamaica’s largest Electronic Security providers to respond to sites in number of parishes.



Alarm System installs, upgrades, monitoring transfers and preventative maintenance are key aspects to ensuring that your assets are protected & monitored at all times. Our Electronics professionals are trained & adept across all ranges of manufacturers and can ensure that the necessary measures are in place to meet your requirements.

Given the nature of our current existing clienteles, we are specialized in not only the common-place systems. We have also broadened our scope in maintaining systems that monitor appropriate operations of equipment, mobile duress alert systems & G.P.S based geo-fencing alert systems.

home security systems







Camera 1
Security Cameras


Camera 2


Access Control Systems have traditionally provided singular functionality in ingress to secured areas of premises. However, in recent times, Unified Security Group has built partnerships with specialized. Vendors and can now integrate various CCTV systems that can not only visually record access, but also show associated video footage that is correlated to an access event.
With our vast experience gained from servicing our main & current clienteles, we can tailor a variety of solutions, ranging from a dedicated system that is managed by our staff, to an externally managed system that is delivered to you as a service provision, relatively freeing up valuable man hours from your bottom line and providing a corporate class service to your interests. As part of our collective Vision 2022 we are offering our customers an effective and holistic security solution, catering to all of our customer’s security requirements.


The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) unit is a solution that includes, the provision of advanced security technologies, which complements our manpower security, thus, providing a wide-range of clients with an increased level of safety, security and a peace of mind. SIS is a best-practice Australian Security company solution, offering & providing turn-key & best-of-the-breed security solutions for a diverse range of customers at a reasonable cost. SIS provides a strong Customer Service orientation that is completely focused on comprehensive security needs, prevention and other main security requirements of our international & local customers. With the national capability of our international Security Technology Partners, SIS provides the latest, market- ready security technology available in the marketplace. Combined with the most advanced electronic monitoring services, SIS can meet any current or future security requirement of our customers.




Electronic monitoring (EM) is a generic term that encompasses a number of monitoring technologies and approaches that can be used for diverse electronic purposes and electronic services possibilities. For the last 5 years, Acid Protective Services have predominantly used the electronic monitoring systems to monitor offenders, comply with curfews and other restriction activities. The emergence of these technologies opens up the minds of our clients and customers to professional and personalized monitoring and surveillance systems and services. Clients and customers proportionately use the Acid Protective Services Limited electronic monitoring systems to balance their rights and interests. Clients and customers who are involved in this form of security are subjected to integral, effective and ethical issues regarding their electronic safety.



The mini shock vibration detector is designed to protect the location against forced entry by a hammer, saw, crowbar, etc. It is for use in closed-circuit alarm systems that will initiate an alarm when a vibration of considerable force strikes the protected surface. The installation also comes with:

  • Pure silver contacts with gold plating to ensure reliable and long-term operation
  • Comes in good sizes for discreet installation
  • Built-in tamper switch that provides enhanced security
  • Adjustable contact pressure for different surfaces
  • Detective vibration/shock on the protected surface which activates the alarm

The mini shock vibration detectors are ideal for protecting:

  • Glass
  • Windows
  • Showcases
  • Solids
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Safes
  • Cabinets
  • Motorcycles
  • Skylights



The Comet Pair is an ideal solution for cost effective residential applications. It provides a reliable and cost-effective solution based on Pair technology. It has a wide angle on motion and the coverage is provided with a high catch performance and false alarm immunity. The installation comes with:

  • White light protection
  • LED optical prisms
  • Coverage at 2.4 m (7’10”) mounting height: 12m x 12m (40′ x 40′)
  • Operating voltage: 9 to 16V
  • Current consumption: 12mA at 12V
  • Alarm contact: 50mA, 24C, N.C
  • Tamper contact: 100mA, 24V, N.C
  • Alarm time: 2.2 seconds minimum
  • Pulse count selection: 1, 2 or 3 pulse count
  • Temperature compensation: Automatic, thermistor controlled
  • Optical filtering: White light protection, pigmented lens
  • RF immunity: 20V/m from 10 MHz to 1GHz
  • Operating temperature: -5° to 50°C (23° to 122°F)
  • Storage temperature: -20° to 55°C (-4° to 131°F)
  • Dimensions: 89 x 52 x 39mm (3.5″ x 2.0″ x 1.5″)

The comet pair on the other hand is a compact design, designed for cost effective residential installations and has a solution in which it helps to connect an easy installation platform for residential businesses.



A buzzer or beeper is an audio signaling device, which may be mechanical, electromechanical, or piezoelectric [piezo for short ranged]. Typical uses of buzzers and beepers include alarm devices, timers, and confirmation of user input such as a mouse click or keystroke. It’s easy for employees to worry about not hearing a buzzer when that guy is out the front. So with this in mind, it has always struck me as odd that builders rarely ever put wired doorbells in their facility when building out a commercial space.  I assume that there may be situations when businesses, clients and customers may not need a loud doorbell or alarm, but more often than not. You would surely want to know when someone comes to the front or back of the facility. It’s one of those situations when it’s better to have a door buzzer installed than not.



If a visitor notification system is not installed at your facility, but you want one. Running the bell wire and installing a complete system isn’t as feasible as you may think. A wireless system may be the answer for many businesses, clients and customers. Loud, industrial wireless doorbells can be installed and you can have a functional buzzer panel system in your facility in a matter of seconds.





Acid Protective Services provides fully trained attractive, unarmed guards for all locations. These guards are skilled, licensed and certified to provide full protection services in access control, parking, reception, etc. They are placed island-wide as the first point of contact to deliver the outstanding security services with professionalism and courtesy.


Monitor and authorize entrance of

  • Departure
  • Employees
  • Visitors
  • Other persons
  • To guard against theft and maintain security of premises

Write reports of daily activities regarding

  • Irregularities
  • Equipment
  • Damage to property
  • Theft
  • Presence of unauthorized persons & unusual occurrences



These guards trained in weaponry at approved trained sites sanctioned by the Firearm licensing Authority. Guards are trained in safety, weapon care, law, marksmanship as well as behavior in stressful situations.

Acid also draws on the skills and weapons of private firearm holders to holster its capacity to deliver this service. The armed guard specializes in firearm handling and safety. The armed guard is given training. After completing training, he is given a card that allows him to legally carry a firearm while on duty.

  • The armed guard Secures; premises, personnel and property
  • Monitor surveillance equipment
  • Inspect buildings & items
  • Inspect equipment and access points
  • Permitting entry
  • Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities
  • Informing violators of policy and procedures
  • Restraining trespassers



The rapid response team also known as an emergency team, is a team of security care providers that responds to any form of security threats occurred on location relating unwanted access, panic or burglar response alarm system prevention.

MOBILITY: The Company is exceptional in utilizing mobility. We have a fleet of over twenty (20) vehicles island-wide and with the capacity to acquire more if necessary. We specialize in;

  • Station wagons
  • Mini buses
  • Noah buses
  • Toyota motor cars
  • Debt Collection
  • 24hr response teams

The rapid response unit plays a vital role in preventing security threats and unwanted access on the client’s premises that will be deployed to assist in any eventuality.



Our armored vehicles are used for transporting valuables, such as large quantities of money (especially for banks or retail companies). The armored car is a multifunctional vehicle designed to protect and ensure the wellbeing of the transported individuals and/or contents. Acid is involved in the armored service industry in providing;

  • Money escorts and courier services.
  • Do daily lodgment and pick-up of cash for our clients.
  • We pick-up and drop off payroll.
  • We operate soft armored vehicle escort by armed personnel.
  • We work closely with the police to offer this service in remote areas for small businesses and clients.
  • We also partner with security companies in providing this service to many business industries.




Body guard, private services & re-chargeable rates

Acid as always and is involved in activities such as these services which is conducted on an individual basis. A commission is charged and we have access to bailiffs, lawyers and private investigators. We can organize polygraph tests as well as forensic audits of accounts if required.



Acid has an active K9 division which is engaged in the supply of suitable and trained animals upon request. We do our own breeding as well and access trained animals from our many K9 providers island-wide.

We have K9 Protection Inclusive of

  • Individual Protection
  • Home
  • Events
  • Staged Events & Enclosed boundaries

Some of our K9 protection services also come with a K9 and a K9 handler.



Acid Protective Services Limited is a foremost provider of Security Services at events and functions. We have worked at some of Jamaica’s most popular events such as:

  • Kite Festivals
  • Regattas
  • Fairs
  • Jerk Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Dances
  • Fairs

We are competent in crowed control and parking for any size or staged event.

Calendar of Events:

  • Jamaica – Ackie Festival
  • Jamaica – St Mary me come from
  • James Bond Beach – Follow the Arrow
  • Reggae Beach – Shades On the Beach
  • Draxhall – Football Match
  • Ocho Rios – Amnesia
  • Ocho Rios – Club Elegua
  • Fundraising events
  • Sporting Events
  • School parties/fete (primary, secondary, tertiary)

There are other forms of consultations on rechargeable rates, contracts and agreements.



List of locations (2017)

Education Institutions

We are experienced in providing security to large educational campuses as we have worked with educational institutions providing safety and precaution measures on all areas around school campuses. We have facilitated working with Preparatory, primary, secondary and tertiary education for over ten (10) years. We have provided security services to educational campuses such as:

  • Tomlinson’s Christian academy
  • St John’s Preparatory
  • Glowell Preparatory
  • Port Maria Primary
  • Steer Town Academy
  • St Ann’s Bay High School
  • Mrcus Garvey Technical High School
  • Iona High School
  • Ocho Rios High School
  • AAbutthnott Gallimore High School
  • Tacky High School
  • Guy’s Hill High School
  • Brimmer Vale High School
  • McGrath High School
  • Sam Sharp Teachers College
  • Moneague College – main campus & linstead


Our major security facilities have been working with financial institutions over the years providing security services. However, these security facilities are high-end functionalities of security protection. Most of them occupied with armed officers and debt collection units island-wide. These are location such as:

  • Sagicor Bank Jamaica
  • Jamaica Money Market Brokers
  • Western Union
  • BCIC
  • OBF
  • Credit Union


Government agencies have always been on the agenda since we first became introduced. We are providing security for hospitals, clinics and health centers. We are providing security for the ministry of health – Nero and other health organizations including:

  • Port Maria Hospital
Health Centers
  • Gayle Health Center
  • Highate Health Center

We also provide security for road work agencies such as – CHINA HARBOR


  • St Ann’s Bay Library
  • Oracabessa Library



Working with the hotel industry and providing security services has always been a great part of the company’s development. Our security officers will spend the time patrolling your grounds and premises. Over the past years we have been given contracts to provide security services for their construction sites as well as to provide an on-site security. We have provided security services for hotels, guest houses and villas on the north coast. Tourism security has always been one of our major areas of safety and protection. There are areas I which we have provided security services, i development such as housing schemes, estates and for major excavation products areas in and around the island.

Hotel Industry
  • Casa Maria Hotel
  • Chillin Villa
  • Malatai Villa
  • Cannon Villa
  • Silver Palm Villa
  • Columbus Heights
  • Fortland Point
Housing Scheme
  • Vista Del Mar
  • Drax Hall: Manor, estate and country club



At large locations there is a site superior. All sites are visited on a regular basis by an area supervisor or a roving lone supervisor. Our supervision is further enhanced by (24) hour monitoring of our security guards. In addition, spot checks are made and are frequently conducted by management.

We provide two (2) way radios at particular locations to facilitate continuous supervision, quick response and back up if these become necessary.

  • There will be one (1) supervisor per shift each day if necessary.
  • Supervisors will be equipped with telephones on a network to communicate with each other as well as base credit free.
  • All key personnel on location will be issued with site radios.
  • Standard issue of batons, flashlight and rain-cloaks and illuminated vests are automatic.
  • The company is very mobile with a fleet of vehicles island-wide and with the capacity to acquire more when necessary.
  • For emergencies, a 24 hour response team will be deployed to assist in any eventuality.



  • There will be One (1) supervisor per shift each day.
  • Supervisors will be equipped with telephones.
  • Securities are given a network to communicate to the office.
  • Securities are given base credit free that is rechargeable at the end of the period.
  • All key personnel on location will be issued with site radios.
  • Standard issue of batons
  • Flashlight
  • Rain-cloaks
  • Work vests & Illuminated vests that are automatic
  • First Aid kit
  • Identification cards
  • Uniform (Shirt, pants, caps, vests & jackets)
  • Boots if necessary
  • Tool kit
  • A security pouch & note book
  • ID cards


Security Training For Security Officers

Manual Security Training & Certification

The curriculum includes;

  • Code of ethics
  • Attributes of a good security guard
  • Observation
  • Access control
  • Patrolling
  • Specimen report
  • Log Book report
  • Report writing
  • K-9 handling and care
  • Hand-over, take over procedures
  • Reception
  • Courtesy
  • Environmental awareness
  • First aid
  • Self-defense and baton techniques
  • Fire and rescue techniques.

The Directors and Managers are professional persons being educated to tertiary level institutions, in fields such as;

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Services
  • Security Training and Education
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Consultation